Baja California

The Magic North of the Penninsula

Wineyards and Wineries

Adobe Guadalupe [+ info]

The vineyards and wine are part of the atmosphere of this charming six rooms Bed & Breakfast hotel. The California style property has private restaurant, pool, Jacuzzi and stables. Wine tasting, horseback riding, tours, food, and lodging. Prior appointment.

Located in the town of Francisco Zarco , take the main road (southbound) and turn right (West) in the medical clinic of social security. Follow the signs to the main entrance.
Phone: (646) 155 2094


Baron Balche [+ info]

Vineyards and a winery constructed of adobe (clay) with underground cellar.Wine tasting, guided tours and wine store. By appointment. Available for private events.

Francisco Zarco village, take the main road (southbound) and turn right (West) in the medical clinic of social security. Follow the signs to the main entrance.
Phone: (646) 111 1456, (646) 183 9501 y (664) 680 2704


Bibayoff — Valle de Guadalupe cellars[+ info]

The only winery with Russian tradition offers wine tasting, campground, gardens, banquet space and a small museum with memorabilia from the Bibayoff family.

From San Antonio de las Minas take the back road west to “El Tigre “located on km92 of federal highway no.3,follow signs until you get to the winery.
Phone: (646) 177 2722 and (646) 176 1008


Bodegas Santo Tomás [+ info]


Historical journey through the old winery as well as visits to the museum of machinery and wine tasting in Red wine lounge.

Located at AV. Miramar #666 between 6a and 7a, Downtown area.
Phone: (646) 174 0829


In San Antonio de las Minas

Guided tours of our vineyards and facilities, wine shop and enjoy our Kiosk Restaurant Campestre in San Antonio.

Ensenada-Tecate Highway Km 95


Bodegas y Viñedos San Rafael [+ info]

Open from Friday to Sunday from 12: 00 to 16: 00 hrs. by Appointment. Km 39.5 Ensenada-SanFelipe Highway, Ojos Negros Valley.

Phone: (646) 153 3213 y (646) 178 3664

Web: and

Casa de Piedra [+ info]

This unique winery built in stone and their vineyards are host to this small award winning tasting , guided tours. Appointment required.

Km 93.5 highway Federal # 3 Tecate-Ensenada San Antonio de las Minas.
Phone: (646) 155 3097, (646) 155 3102, (646) 156 5267 and(646) 156 5268


Casa Pedro Domecq [+ info]

Wine Store, tasting room and guided tours. Interesting local crafts and House wine for sale. No appointment is required.

Km. 73.5 Federal highway #3 Tecate-Ensenada, Valle de Guadalupe.
Phone: (646) 155 2249 and (646) 155 2254
Hours: Mon-Fri 10:00 - 17:00 hrs; Sat. 10:00 - 13:30 hrs.


Cavas Valmar Cellars [+ info]

Located in the city of Ensenada, offers wine tasting , shopping and guided tours. Appointment required.

Riveroll # 1950 corner Ambar street Ensenada, B.C.
Phone: (646) 178 6405, Fax: (646) 174 1890

Mail: y

Chateau Camou [+ info]

The cellar of this winery is located in Canada del Trigo,I t is constructed misión style from the XIX century surrounded by gardens and vineyards, its has a panoramic vista of the valley and canyons. Guided tours, wine tasting and wine store. prior reservation of 10 or more required.

From Federal highway No.3 arrive at the town of Francisco Zarco ,follow main street between INHA museum and Jersey recreational park, take back road at right to end you will find a security booth from the winery. Follow the signs of wine country.
Phone: (646) 156 8456, group tours and sales (646) 177 3303


Hacienda La Lomita [+ info]

With 10 hectareas in production, this hacienda produces Merlot, Shiraz, tempranillo and grenache wines. Its commitment to fine wines showcases Pagano and Sacro wines. prior reservation required.

From Federal Highway #3,take El Tigre road, follow signs till you get to the winery. It is located in the community of San Marcos, west of San Antonio De las Minas.
Cell: (646) 151 6032


La Casa de Doña Lupe [+ info]

Family vineyard that produces organic wines. It also offers fresh regional products like grapes, olives, aromatic herbs and spices, also homemade products like cheeses, raisins, honey, olive oil, sauces, preserves and pies.

From Federal Highway #3 take dirt road leading to L.A. Cetto, continue as you pass Cetto main entrance , follow the sign on your right till you get here. The same road leads to the Native community of San Antonio Necua
Hours: Open daily 9:00 - 18:00 hrs.
Phone: (646) 155 2323, Cell: (646) 131 9086

L.A. Cetto Valle de Guadalupe [+ info]

This winery is the largest producer of wine in Mexico with international recognition and tradition. Guided tours and free wine tasting. Wine boutique in premises, lush gardens, picnic area, terrace with panoramic views and bull ring. No reservation required.

Km.73.5 Carretera Federal #3 Tecate-Ensenada, Valle de Guadalupe.
Phone: (646) 155 2179 and (646) 155 2264
Hours: Open daily 10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.


Martín del Campo [+ info]

This small winery is located about 2kms,northeast of Vinisterra Wines, within the town. Visits available Saturdays and Sundays from noon to 6:00pm prior appointment.

C. Mina La Fortuna No. 1 Fracc. La Fortuna, San Antonio de las Minas.
Phone: (664) 693 3846


Mogor Badán [+ info]

Family run winery offers guided tours and wine tasting. sells wines and organic vegetables, appointment required.

Km. 86.5 Carretera Federal #3 Tecate-Ensenada Rancho El Mogor, San Antonio de las Minas.
Phone: (646) 177 1484


Monte Xanic [+ info]

The name comes from the Cora indigenous language and means "The flowers that springs from the first rain", is one of the first established wineries in the Valley. Wine tasting and sale of wine of the House. Appointment requiered.

Federal Highway # 3 enter Francisco Zarco town, follow on main street and passing the INAH Museum, winery entry will be to your right.

Hours: Mon-Fri 9:00 - 16:00 hrs. Sundays 10:00 -16:00 hrs.
Phone: (646) 155 2080 with Elizabeth Rivera or Karola Saenger


Roganto — Vides y Vinos Californianos [+ info]

Guided tours and tasting of red and white wines of the House. Its wines is also available in the cellar Bodegas corner, Vinífera Vinos y La Contra. Appointment required.

Km. 114 Transpeninsular highway s / El Cipres, Ensenada, B.C.
Telephones: (646) 177 4006


Quinta Monasterio [+ info]

Wine producer since 1963, Finca releases its first wines to market in 2006. Premium wines made from grapes Cabernet, Merlot and Tempranillo old-school winemaking combined with oenological hi-tech. Guided tours. Appointment requiered.

Of the Federal Highway # 3 take Main Street towards the Ejido del Porvenir, turn right at the clinic of the social security until you reach the main entrance.
Phone: (686) 565 1335, (646) 151 3005 and (555) 419 5343


Vena Cava (villa del valle)[+ info]

La Villa del Valle hotel's winery located in the heart of the valley. Tours, tastings, pairings, sales, classes, special events.
Appointments requested.

(01152) 646 156 8007
(011521) 646 183 9249 - cell
(818) 207 7130 - US cell


Viña de Liceaga [+ info]

Family winery where you will find a variety of its Merlot wines as well as a tasting room and wine shop. Reservations are not required.

Km 93.5 highway Federal # 3 Tecate-Ensenada, Valle de Guadalupe.
Phone: (646) 155 3093 and (646) 156 5313
Opening hours: Monday through Friday from 10:00 to 5:00 hrs.


Vinisterra [+ info]

Winery offering wine tasting, tours and store. Highway federal # 3 take only paved exit in the town of San Antonio de las Minas . Turn left at the end of the street. The winery will be on your right. Appointment requiered.

Hours: 11:00 - 17:00 hrs Saturday. and Sunday from 11:00 to 16:00 hrs.
Phone: (646) 178 3310 and (646) 178 3350


Vinicola Tres Valles [+ info]

Find guided tours and tasting room. Street Comonford s / San Antonio De las minas. Federal Highway # 3 take the only paved street in San Antonio de las Minas, at the end of the pavement, turn left continue block and a half, the winery is located at the corner on the left side. Appointment required.

Phone: (646) 178 8052, Fax: (646) 178 2255

Mail: and

Vinos Tanama [+ info]

Wine boutique dedicated to author’s fine wine. Tasting room, horseback riding to tour vineyards. Sales and tours of the vineyards by prior appointment. We have gardens for parties and special events.

Km 7.5 Federal highway # 3 Tecate-Ensenada, Tecate, B.C. Open Saturdays and Sundays from May to September 10: 00 to 18: 00 hrs. No appointments. Appointment from October to April.
Phone: (664) 215 9090


Vinos Pijoan [+ info]

Family winery that produce artisanal wines. Guided tours, House wine sale and wine tasting. Open weekends by appointment.

San Antonio de las Minas, BC. Federal highway # 3 take the road to "El Tigre" follow the signs to the entry of the Pijoan winery located 200 m from the main road.
Phone: (646) 178 3482 and Cell: (646) 171 7179


Viñedos Don Juan[+ info]

Small winery producer of red, white, and clarete wines located in Valle de Las Palmas, 17.4 miles south of Tecate and 34.8 miles north of Valle de Guadalupe.

Visit its store called "La Esperanza" in order to try its wines along with other family products, which is located on kilometer #28 of the Tecate-Ensenada Highway 3.

Store hours: Open daily from 9 A.M. to 5 P.M.
Winery tours: Appointment necessary
Phone Numbers: (+52664) 681-1386 & 681-6112
Map & Directions:

Vinicola Lafarga [+ info]

This wines are available at Cava de Esquina in Ensenada also at La Contra.

Km 78 Federal Highway # 3 Tecate-Ensenada, Valle de Guadalupe , B.C.
Phone: (646) 178 7060


Vinicola Santo Tomas [+ info]

Valle de Santo Tomas

Meet the vestige of the first winery where the wine was made first, and enjoy a tour of the reserve of the valley of Santo Tomas where using your senses on a tour through the vineyard, tasting our wines more representative of the house also we created a cave where you can create "Your Own Wine" and the final visit our wine shop.

Ensenada-La Paz Highway Km. 49
Phone: (646)153 8140, Cel.(646) 151 9333


Vinos Shimul [+ info]

Wines can be purchased at La Contra in Ensenada, G Salinas wines in Tijuana and La Ribó in Mexicali El Porvenir, Guadalupe Valley, Ensenada.

Offices in AV. Hidalgo #885 - A, Col. Obrera, B.C.
Phone: (646) 177 2108, Fax: (646) 176 1905


Vinícola Tintos del Norte 32 [+ info]

Guided tours and tasting of the House red wines made from Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Syrah, Nebbiolo and Grenache grapes. For tasting appointment.

Fondo (end) Calle 10 s /n Francisco Zarco
Phone: (646) 126 9071, Cell: (646) 947 8052


Viñedos Zapien [+ info]

Rancho la Llave San Antonio de las Minas, B.C. For wine tasting appointment.

Phone: (646) 173 6613, Cell: (646) 117 4341


Viñedos Santa Ursula [+ info]

Exit to San Jose the Zorra, Valle de Guadalupe. Small groups with prior appointment.

Phone: (646) 176 2659 and (646) 174 6474


Viñedos Malagon [+ info]

Calle 6ta. #75 poblado de Francisco Zarco. Visits from Fri-Sun from 11:00 a.m. a 18:00 hrs. Prior appointment.

Phone: (646) 155 2482 and (646) 155 2102

Mail: nathan@viñ y

Villas Montefiori [+ info]

Winery with spectacular views of the Valley, wines are prepared with the best Italian varietal grapes. By appointment.

Federal Highway # 3 Ensenada-Tecate, road at the height of "El Tigre" until you encounter sign. Visits Monday through Friday from 10:00 to 16:00 hrs. Saturday from 10:00 at 13:00 hrs.
Phone: (646) 183 9563 and (646) 183 9563. Wine: (646) 156 8020

Vinícola J.C. Bravo [+ info]

Emiliano Zapata #680 Ejido El Porvenir. Visits Mon-Sun de 9:00 a.m. a 18:00 hrs. appointment requested.

Phone: (646) 155 2068


Vinícola Pedraza [+ info]

Visits Saturdays from 9:00 a 14:00 hrs. Appointment requested. Calle Colón #820, Col. Bustamante.

Phone: (646) 176 1048 and (646) 149 1585


Vinícola Emeve [+ info]

Road to San José de la Zorra s/n parcela 67, Ejido El Porvenir. Wine tasting hours from 12:00 to 17:00 hrs. Mon-Sun.

Phone: (664) 684 0677, Fax: (664) 684 7251, winery: (646) 156 8019


Vinícola Paralelo [+ info]

Vineyards and a unique winery being integrated into the landscape and built with recycling materials. Visit and prior wine tasting appointment requested.

Federal highway # 3 km 73.5 enter by road to San Antonio Nécua s/n, Ejido El Porvenir.
Phone: (646) 156 5268


Vinícola Tres Mujeres [+ info]

A rustic setting with magical atmosphere, artisanal wine products from the ranch like olive oil and olives. The tasting cellar is also showroom for pottery and tiles made on site. Ring the Bell.

Km 87 federal highway # 3 Ensenada-Tecate, Valle Guadalupe , Ensenada, B.C.
Cell: (646) 173 4536


Fuentes Wines [+ info]

Family wine producing craft wines since 2000 and grapes growers since 1963. Offers tastings in its Sarmiento boutique ' s Tuesday to Sunday from 10: 00 to 14: 00 hrs. and Monday with appointment.

Calle principal #290 Guadalupe Valley.
Phone: (646) 155 2205

Xecue [+ info]

Table wine tasting. Rancho Chivatillo km 89 100 Highway # 3 Tecate-Ensenada, San Antonio de las Minas, B.C. prior appointment.

Phone: (646) 175 3830 and (646) 117 0548

Mail: y

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