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Bahia de los Angeles

Abundant wildlife sighting area, ideal environments for sport fishing ( mackerel, dorado, corvina, among others) and excellent  tourist facilities are important reasons to come and leave dazzle by this appropriate named Bahia de los Angeles. In the village you can rent a boat to cruise around nearby islands . Some of them  allow  camping, provided that  a prior report is followed at the management of the Regional Office of the protected area of flora and Fauna Islands in the Gulf of California (Tel 01 (646) 172 5905). For your convenience, in the town you have a good array of restaurants, hotels,  trailer park camps, shops and internet services.

Please visit the Museum of nature and culture (Mon-Sun 9: 00 to 12: 00 hrs., and 14: 00 to 16: 00 hrs.) showing the paleontological  remains found in the region. Bones from mammoths, dinosaurs and whales are part of the interesting  collection, illustrations and everyday objects used  Pai – pai native Indians and others  from the 19th century  mining activities in the area.

Inviting you to be part of the conservation of sea turtles, the Regional Centre for fisheries research project   (Centro Regional de Investigación Pesquera) opens  doors  to you to learn and help protect the valuable life of these  endangered reptiles.

The natural beauty is present everywhere. The past of Baja California awaits with the rock paintings of Montevideo, located 13 km from Bahia de los Angeles, the secondary road leads to the San Borja mission.  Figurative abstract type paintings are found within the caverns and are considered one of the most important finds of the peninsula. Continuing along the same road, 20 km ahead you arrive at the Mission of San Francisco of Borja of Adac (phone) (Satellite 1762-1823), built by the Jesuit, which still retain the Church, the mission bathrooms and kitchen, each built in Quarry .

Gray whale

The lagoons Manuela, Ojo Liebre  and Guerrero Negro - located in the Pacific, 200 km from Bahia de los Angeles on the federal 1- highway are the gray whale sanctuaries, which migrate from Alaska to Baja California for mating  and to give birth. The sighting season is from December to April.

The Islands

A National protected area since 1978, the coastal archipelago  of Bahia de Los Angeles is home to many species  of seabirds and groups of sea lions. Of volcanic origin in this landscape breeds  vegetation of shrubs, bushes, sahuaros , each is unique in its geological composition and  ecosystem, shaping  the region  with a higher level of endemic plants not found elsewhere in the country.

Sail crystal-clear waters and  encounter the leaps of  intrepid dolphins over the waves  while its seabed is an excellent place to dive and observe fish such as shark whale (in the months of May to November).

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