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Baja California is a State with interesting peculiarities, has large cities, and at the same time a multitude of small towns by the profile of its population it is a safe and peaceful place to travel, and is recognized by the friendly hospitality of its people.

For these same reasons, thousands of Americans keep permanent or seasonal residences in the Golden Coast overlooking the Pacific (Tijuana-Rosarito-Ensenada corridor). Baja California is an interesting blend of modern and the traditional Mexico, cultural traits nationwide mingle here, causing an interesting cultural and artisanal activity melting pot.

Arts & Crafts in Baja California are living expression of important indigenous heritage of the State.

Pai-Pai Indians developed ceremonial vessels with two openings, baskets made of sauce that produce a very special aroma and children’s dolls are some of their unique presentations.

Kumiai indigenous peoples are famous for the carved alabaster stone, root of manzanita wood sculptures. The Cucapás and their characteristic wooden toys develop beaded chokers, clay vases and original skirts made of sauce bark. In the Valley of Guadalupe craftsmen produce figures and even furniture with the rod of the grape vine.


In Baja California as well as throughout the country, there is freedom of worship, so members of different churches coexist in harmony; however, as in all of Mexico, the vast majority of the Baja Californians are Catholic.


The official language of the country is Spanish which of course also prevails in Baja California, however because of its proximity to the United States a large number of Bajacalifornianos speak English.

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