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"I felt very safe in the streets of Tijuana, is a lovely city," was the expression of Ruth Jackson, director of the University of Riverside, Calif., who visited the border and found itself whether if was or not safe as alerted the U.S. government. In February, the State Department of the neighboring country expanded to August the warning to it citizens for not visit border towns like Tijuana, as violent and unsafe, warning that the spread between U.S. universities recommended that the "spring breakers" do not come to BC. "It's the third time I visit Mexico and I feel very safe, I was in the commercial area, met their crafts and visited the Wax Museum are wonderful things here," said the director Jackson. Invited by the Mexican Tourist and Business Committee (Ceturmex), chaired by Jack Doron and Andrew Mendez, said the academic who will share her experience of visiting Tijuana with the university community of Riverside. (Hospitalitas)

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