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Modern airports and a very safe highway system are available to the world to visit the attractive destinations in Baja California. International airports like Tijuana, the fourth most important in the country and the bridge between Latin America and Asia, or Mexicali, connecting to the most important cities in Mexico, United States and Canada, offer the visitor first class airline services. In turn, Ensenada and San Felipe offer very good private airports, making air transportation even more efficient to this tourist destinations. The main Air terminal in the State is Tijuana International Airport , where the top national airlines provide service to all points of Mexico.

With an average of 120 flights per day, the Tijuana airport has two landing strips with lengths of 9 and 12 thousand feet covering the different needs of private and commercial flights. The airports in San Felipe and Ensenada do not to operate commercial flights; however Mexicali Airport provides 14 daily flights by three of the main Mexico Airlines.


Airports Address Phone
International Airport of Tijuana Carretera Internacional s/n Mesa de Otay (664) 607-8201 y (664) 607-8200
International Airport of Mexicali Km. 22.5 Mesa de Andrade (686) 552-2317
International Airport of San Felipe Km. 13.5 Carretera Aeropuerto 686) 577-1368 y (686) 577-1858


Airline Phone Website

secture aeromexico

01 (800) 237-6639 www.aeromexico.com

secture interjet

01 (800) 01-12345 www.interjet.com
secture volaris 01 (800) 122-8000 www.volaris.com.mx
secture aero calafia 01 (800) 560-3949 www.aereocalafia.com.mx
secture viva aerobus 01 (818) 215-0150 www.vivaaerobus.com

Another important travel gate to Baja California is the San Diego airport, Lindebergh Field Airport is located 30 minutes from the city of Tijuana. It has 14 air lines operating 250 daily flights to the most important points of the United States as well as connection service with various international destinations. Brown Field airport is only 4 minutes from the Otay Mesa border. Most of their flights are intended for private planes and shipping service.

Details of location of airstrips and airports in the State:

Air strip/Airport Location Runway Freq.
Ensenada (ENS) 31°47.683'N, 116°36.050'W 11/29 - 5721' 119.75
Rancho Magaña 30°38.397'N, 115°57.970'W 11/29 - 4000' 123.3
Bahia de los Angeles (BLX) 28°58.241'N, 113°33.520'W 15/33 - 4846' 123.3
Guerrero Negro (GRN) 28°01.176'N, 114°00.924'W 12/30 - 7126' 123.3
San Felipe (SFE) 30°55.883'N, 114°48.533'W 31/31 - 4900' 118.5

By land, Baja California provides excellent an excellent highway and road system that connect all major destinations of the state and lead to the southernmost points of the peninsula. Whether you travel by car or bus, the Scenic toll road, stretching from Tijuana, Rosarito and Ensenada, is travel recommended to appreciate the postcard images of the beautiful Pacific Ocean.

secture carroFederal highway 2, Takes travelers from Tijuana to La Paz; Federal highway 2 connects Tecate and Mexicali, which travels across La Rumorosa mountain range, also offer great scenic travel, worthy of stopovers and pause for photo opportunities along the way. In addition, Ensenada port continuously receives top Southern California cruise lines.

If you plan to travel by land to Baja California, you can drive by car or use different bus Line Companies operating in the State that has a quality road network connecting major cities and tourist destinations.

If you have opportunity to travel by car don't miss the scenic drives of the Tijuana - Rosarito - Ensenada Toll road, where in a 1 hour drive you can enjoy fantastic views of the Pacific Ocean Along the Trans Peninsular scenic highway or drive from Tijuana to Mexicali and thru the fantastic Rumorosa road corridor.

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