The City that Captured the Sun, renowned for being the beer capital of the state. Dig into its dunes by Sandboarding all around it!

Gastronomía Urbana | Mexicali

Gastronomy belonging to this genre as applied is formed by cooking techniques of other states of the country and traditional preparations that gave rise to "street food stalls." Many people prefer it that way, urban but warm and definitely in a simple establishment with its characteristics of service, atmosphere and tradition. To mention examples in the streets of Mexicali you can find many taco stands besides roast beef, as are the shepherd, head of beef, lamb, fish and multi casseroles. In addition stalls often cahuamanta, barbecue, rubbish and cenadurías with Mexican food. You can not miss the local version of "Burgers" and "hot dogs" that compete with the taste of fast food franchises. In addition to the snack bars that are mushrooming in the city and offer the traditional "scraping", a drink made of crushed ice with syrup natural fruit, and a variety of snacks. And a concept that is very popular is the "food truck" cuisine offering precisely on a mobile as it moves through the main points of the city.



How To Get To Mexicali

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