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Surrounded by fertile valleys ,the Colorado River has preserved desert, the capital of Baja California is a prominent city flourishing as a young woman which is credited having "captured in the Sun" with her charms. Its original agricultural vocation has continued and is now combined with continued commercial, industrial sectors and services growth which places it as a modern metropolis with levels of development above the national average.

Did you know?

Mexicali was founded in 1903 by a group of Mexican American, Chinese, Indian and Japanese immigrants who were devoted to the cotton crop. The name derives from the combination of Mexico and California.

Bordering the United States of America, Mexicali shares many characteristics with the neighboring Californian City of Calexico. There are even those who ensure that the latter smaller in size and a notable Mexican population, seemed to be a district of the capital of Baja California.

If you come in summer, take their precautions, because the Mexicali Valley reaches record temperatures of up to 50°C, Although it is not something that the comforts of a good hotel and a refreshing clamato cannot fix.

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