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    Experimentar uno de los mejores
    Spas del Mundo en "Rancho La Puerta en Tecate".

    Disfrutar de la vista y gastronomía
    del Restaurante Asao.

    Recorrer la Ruta del Vino,
    donde se produce el 90% del vino Mexicano.

    Degustar la cocina "Baja-Med".
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Unique Experiences in Baja California


Unique Experiences


  • Visit "La Bufadora"; the only marine geyser in North America.
  • Travel the wine route, where 90 % of Mexico’s wine is produced.
  • Experience Grey Whale watching.
  • Visit the "Black Market", one of the largest seafood markets in the country.
  • Taste traditional Ensenada fish tacos.
  • Visit the Rivera Center of the Pacific, former Casino of the 1930’s.
  • Visit the sand dunes.
  • Live the August harvest festival.
  • Do the "Canopy Tour" in "Las Cañadas"
  • Eat shellfish or clam cocktails from any of the street carts! Riquísimos!
  • Sip a beer in the historic Hussongs Cantina, originally founded by English settlers.
  • Delight yourself with pastries at "Rey Sol", the oldest French restaurant in Mexico.
  • Visit the only cheese cellar in Mexico in the town of Real Castillo in Ensenada.
  • Take a stroll in Ensenada Bay on a tour boat to see dolphins and sea lions.
  • Windsurf on San Miguel’s infamous black sand beaches.
  • Visit wineries at the corner of Santo Tomas in Ensenada.


  • Migrant Bird Watch at San Quintín.
  • Take pictures next to a giant cactus and rocks in Cataviña.
  • Visit the cave paintings of Cataviña, Montevideo and elsewhere in the peninsula. More»
  • Visit the Natural Protected Area of the Gulf Islands in Bahía de los Ángeles.
  • See the 10-meter gray whale skeleton in the natural history museum in Bahía de los Ángeles. More »
  • See two oceans simultaneously from the National Observatory of UNAM in the Sierra de San Pedro Mártir. More »
  • Peek inside a "crater" near the sea of La Lobera and discover sea lions. More »
  • Visit the National Observatory in San Pedro, Mártir (UNAM). More »
  • Try the lobster burritos in "Mamá Espinoza" at El Rosario. More »
  • Visit Santo Tomás, the oldest winery in Baja California, founded in 1888. More »
  • Take the Route of the Missions along the peninsula of Baja California. More »


  • Eat authentic Mexicali Chinese food in restaurants in the hotel area.
  • Try a refreshing "Clamato" in the aqueduct bar of the Hotel Lucerna, where it was created.
  • Visit the interactive museum, Sol del Niño.
  • Visit the Guadalupe Canyon and enjoy their spring’s wells.
  • Eat delicious frog legs in Rio Hardy.
  • Walk down the street under a weather of 50°C and then drink a Mexicali beer.
  • Visit Laguna Salada and its extensive and endless plains


  • Sample "The best" bread and take a bag of warm rolls home.
  • Take the tour of the Tecate brewery and learn how this beer is brewed.
  • Enjoy the view and the cuisine of the Asao restaurant.
  • Enjoy over 100 ranches and spas found in Tecate.
  • Experience one of the best Spas of the world in "Rancho La Puerta".
  • Enjoy an ice cream sitting in the Tecate park.
  • Visit the cave paintings in Vallecito, particularly that of the "Diablito" in spring.
  • Take you a picture in the mountains of rock formation "La Rumorosa".
  • Visit the old military barracks in Rumorosa, "The Alaska field".
  • Visit Tecate is deep into the heart of Baja California through its flavors. See more »


  • Eat traditional Lobster with beans, rice and flour tortillas Puerto new style.
  • Eat tacos quail or deer in the "El Nido" restaurant wich raises its own live stock.
  • Go through the Entryway where "The most beautiful women of the world" have passed at Rosarito Beach Hotel.
  • Take a motor bike ride at the dunes of Ejido Maztlan South of Rosarito.
  • Visit the "art route" and take a souvenir home, a piece of rustic furniture or a painting rustic manufactured in Rosarito.
  • Buy fresh seafood in the "Popotla" fishing village.
  • Get a replica of a Spanish galleon in "Hotel Calafia".
  • Participate in the Rosarito – Ensenada fun bike ride, one of the largest and most successful worldwide.


  • Walk on the sea in low tides.
  • Visit the Valley of the Giants and come in contact with 55-­‐ft height cardones.
  • Sample the classic and delicious San Felipe shrimp.
  • Go “Off Roading” in the San Felipe dunes.
  • Go sport fishing with "Tony Reyes", a living legend of fishing in Baja California.


  • Enjoy the traditional Ceasar's salad that was created in Tijuana during the 1930s.
  • Visit the Tijuana micro brewery and drink an ice cold "blond" or "pale" ale.
  • Eat a “washmobile” torta (sandwich); a Tijuana classic.
  • Visit El Popo market and purchase freshly made cheese and Mexican candy.
  • Eat delicious Tijuana-style carne asada tacos at Las Ahumaderas, La Ermita, “hipódromo” or at Burritos Corona.
  • Haggle with a merchant at Revolution Avenue and buy Mexican art or crafts.
  • Take the classic postcard photo with the zebra-donkey on Main Street.
  • Visit the L.A. Cetto Winnery cellars, the biggest in Baja California.
  • Ride the city tour and learn about the history and culture of Tijuana.
  • Visit the Museum of Las Californias and the Cubo Gallery at the Tijuana Cultural Center, the most important in Northwest Mexico.
  • Visit Sala Anguiano, the only art gallery with a permanent collection from painter, Raúl Anguiano.
  • Sample the Baja-Mediterranean cuisine that combines the best Baja California products with Mediterranean cooking techniques.
  • Visit the Hipódromo Caliente Casino, the largest in Mexico.