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Rosarito Beach, the capital of the lobster

If you want a destination to relax and have fun at the same time, you're in the right place. Located off the Pacific Ocean in the state of Baja California.

Rosarito Beach is world renowned for its world-famous dish "Puerto Nuevo style lobster" It features the best hotels and a variety of fun activities, delicious restaurants and nightclubs to the sea to live the best nightlife experience.

Who does not want to break free from the stresses of daily life? Rosarito is also known for the great quality beautiful spas that offer a variety of treatments and everything you need to relax.

Another feature is the surfing activity, especially on the beaches of Punta Descanso going to Punta Mesquite, or if you like fishing or extreme sports like motorcycle ride, microlight flying or just a ride, you can practice them in the known beaches. You'll also find a series of events held throughout the year, from arts and culture, off-road racing, to concerts with renowned international artists.

For that and more we invite you to discover Rosarito, an experience you will not regret!



Ensenada, “La tierra del vino”…

Bellísimo puerto lleno de calidez y tranquilidad, donde disfrutas de actividades para todos; deportes, cultura, gastronomía y por supuesto excelentes vinos de la región.

Enormes visitantes se hospedan en ella durante el invierno, la ballena gris se deja admirar por los turistas que año con año visitan en invierno esta inolvidable ciudad, mientras que otros disfrutan de sus atractivos naturales y hacen de su visita, una gran experiencia.

Descubre Ensenada desde su carretera escénica, la mejor vista hacia la belleza de Baja California.
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